Role-Playing Game Definition

For the ones of you that have no idea RPG means Duty Playing Game, and is one of the most played kind of game nowadays.

You are the main hero, and you interact with various other characters likewise called NPC-s (or Non Playable Characters if you’re playing single player). They will give you quests to do, and you need to do them, in order to get experience and advance to greater levels.

The tale has the main quest, that will end the game when completed, and typically a lot of side missions, that will assist you establish your character. The side pursuits are not essential, however will get you deeper into the tale and often that is truly worth it!

Many RPG games permit you to choose your sort of character at the start. Usually there are several kinds of characters, all with different characteristics, but there are three main classifications to select from: wizard, fighter and archer. These will take various names and characteristics and will be further more separated into subcategories, depending upon the game. For example, the wizard can become specialized on various categories of spells, like earth, water, dark magic, white magic, fire, lightning, nature.

How do you grow your character? Well this depends from game to game, but essentially you have:

-life, called life points in many games representing your health

-mana, or mana points standing for the wizardry point you have left( these point enable you to do spells, if you do not have them you will not be able to cast spells)

-endurance, also discovered by various other names, depending on the game, this represents how much time you can run, of do unique moves.
Besides these three there are a few various other main qualities like:

-strength – representing the strength of your character, you’ll have to put points here if your character is a fighter.

-dexterity -representing the dexterity of your character, usually crucial for archers

- intelligence – standing for the knowledge of your character, normally crucial for wizards.

There could appear some more primary characteristics depending upon the game but do not worry they are usually clarified!

Experience – this is heart of the game, and this (together with the story) will keep you in front of the computer for days! Essentially, when you eliminate beasts you get experience, you likewise get experience when you do the quests.

This experience is utilized to grow in level, making you stronger and able to battle with a growing number of monsters. Make sure how you spend your experience, since in the later part of the game it is very important to be strong so you can complete the game. Typically it’s best to choose a line of development at the start and keep it till the end of the game!

Ok, we’ve reached the end of part one, hope I had the ability to enlighten you a little worrying the mysteries of RPG games. See you in part two!

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