Why Nintendo Had to Kill the Wii

Strange that Nintendo killed the Wii, huh? It just stopped making the console. So sudden! Odder when you consider that the Famicom, released in 1983, was on sale in Japan until 2003.

But the Famicom (NES, in the West) was followed by the Super Nintendo. And the SNES was a smash hit. The Wii, however, is succeeded by the Wii U. The Wii U is not a smash hit.

Nintendo just released its financial earnings for the past six months (April to September). And while I think these statements are usually boring as hell (they are!), this one does have an interesting factoid. And boy, I do like factoids.

From April to September of this year, Nintendo sold 40,000 Wiis in Japan and 280,000 in the Americas. Elsewhere or what Nintendo calls “Other”, the company sold 150,000 Wii consoles. During that same period, Nintendo sold 230,000 Wii U consoles in Japan and 230,000 Wii U consoles in the Americas. Elsewhere, Nintendo sold under 10,000 Wii U consoles. Those numbers are all rounded by Nintendo.

Add all that up—as Nintendo did—and during this six month period, Nintendo sold 470,000 Wii consoles worldwide and 460,000 Wii U consoles. Yes, you read that correctly: the Nintendo Wii outsold the Wii U. And these sales numbers for the Wii aren’t so great! Which means they are truly disappointing for the Wii U. What’s more alarming is that the Wii U is only outselling the Wii in Japan.

These underwhelming numbers are understandable. The past six months haven’t been so great for Wii U owners. There are a bunch of exciting Wii U games around the corner, but these sales numbers either indicate that players are still hesitant about the Wii U, or, heck, maybe they’re confused by the Wii U’s naming.

Whatever the reason is, the Wii had to go. It was just getting in the way. It needed to be killed.

Sorry, Nintendo Wii. It was fun. But your tour number was up.


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Japanese Hotel Rooms Don’t Get Much Cheaper Than This

Traveling to Japan on a budget? Need a place to stay? Don’t mind people having sex all around you? Well, have I got a hotel room for you.

Enter hotel San Patchi. It’s located in Juso, which is a stone’s throw from the bustling Umeda district. It’s not the best of neighborhoods, sure (they filmed part of Black Rain there!). And this hotel isn’t your typical hotel. It’s a love hotel.

But hey, room 212 costs 380 yen a night—which is US$3.87. That’s any night. No wonder San Patchi is calling this the “lucky room.” The hotel’s other rooms are pretty inexpensive, too, and start around US$39 for the night and get more expensive from there depending on the day of the week. This is why San Patchi bills itself as a “gekiyasu (激安) hotel” or “dirt cheap hotel.”

Japanese Hotel Rooms Don't Get Much Cheaper Than This

According to The Tokyo Reporter, the reason for the low price (besides being an obvious publicity stunt) is that love hotels in Osaka are cutting rates. It’s possibly the result of crackdowns on prostitution, which might be impacting a regular flow of customers. Moreover, more businessmen are apparently deciding to stay at love hotels instead of traditional business hotels. This is perhaps because the rooms at love hotels are generally larger; however, no business people I know prefer love hotels to conventional business hotels.

Japanese Hotel Rooms Don't Get Much Cheaper Than This

This certainly seems to be the cheapest hotel room in the country. Previously, the cheapest hotel in Japan (above) was thought to be 500 yen (US$5.09), and that hotel, also located in Osaka, looked like something out of a horror film.

If the whole love hotel thing doesn’t bother you, this could be a viable option. But at this price, no doubt room 212 will be popular. You’ll need to get lucky to snag it, no pun intended.

Osaka love hotels cut rates to bone [The Tokyo Reporter]

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Activision hints at new alien survival mode for Call of Duty: Ghosts

UPDATE: Activision has confirmed Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction, trailer is posted below!

Original article:
Several pieces of info have emerged suggesting that the upcoming shooter, Call of Duty: Ghosts, will include a new game mode called “Extinction”.

A series of images have been uploaded to imgur revealing, what seems to be, a brand new class-based alien-survival mode. Activision has hinted at the introduction of the new game mode through Twitter, and uploaded a brief teaser video on Instagram.

Make what you will out of the images and video, as no other information regarding the mode has been put out by Activision as of yet.  Whether “Extinction” will replace the highly popular “Zombies” mode found in previous Infinity Ward Call of Duty titles, is yet to be seen.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released on November 5th for the PC, Xbox 360, WiiU, and PlayStation 3. It will also be available as a launch title for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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My Pokemon X In-game Team

I’m about 12 hours into Pokemon X and I finally decided on a team.  I think.  For every hour I’ve put into the game, I’ve probably spent 2 thinking about what team I want to build.  I have weird tastes.  I require the pokemon on my team look cool but also perform extremely well.  I’m also all about trying to build a team that will be balanced.  Oh, and I also do not care at all about anything other than in-game normal play.  I’m not into tournaments or playing against other trainers.

Without further ado… here’s my team.  For now.


I picked Chespin as my starter for one reason: He is by far the cutest pokemon starter.  His final evolution, however, is… bizarre.  I ultimately decided I could keep him in my team because I imagine he’s a little cute guy inside of a suite that looks like it belongs in something like Dawn of War.  Figher/Grass has proven to be a great combo so far, and I hope it continues to perform.

charizard xCharizard

I’m slightly bothered by the overt favoritism Charizard has received.  Squirtle is my favorite original starter pokemon, and when Professor Sycamore offered to give me one of the original starters it was tough to have to choose Charizard… he just looks so dang cool.  To top it all off, in Pokemon X he becomes Dragon/Fire — gotta have that Dragon.


Two words: Psychic Dark.  Malamar is also physical and has an amazing ability called Contrary: All effects that lower stats increase them instead.  Using superpower I can attack with Malamar and instead of losing attack and defense I gain it instead.  How ridiculous is that?


I was originally against the idea of taking on yet another older pokemon into my team.  I was desperate for a water pokemon, and was actually looking at that new barnacle guy when Graev told me that Azumarill is now a Fairy/Water now — that’s the only Fairy/Water pokemon, and I’m pretty sure he’s physical attack as well.  Stack that with his ability called Huge Power (double attack) and you have the recipe for yet another ability combo.


He looks cool.  Really, that’s the reason I chose him.  Don’t get me wrong, Rock/Dragon is a cool combo too but just look at him!  I think he gets some nice physical abilities like crunch and dragon claw too.  Honestly, playing in-game only I think I can settle for taking a pokemon based on looks.

That’s my team!  I have one spot left that will probably be used for a slave who will carry all of my HMs.  If I end up wanting a 6th I will take Heliolisk to round it out with eletric.

One of the biggest things I’m excited about in Pokemon X and Y is how accessible the ‘meta game’ is for trainers.  ALl of this EV IV whatever its called is really transparent now with the super training.  I can run each pokemon through a series of minigames and make their stats exactly how I want them.  I’ve never been interested in min/maxing Pokemon — I would rather pretend they are my friends — but given the chance to make them super powerful AND my buddies how can I resist?

Have you decided on your team?

The ESRB Brings You This Unbearably Cute Reminder About Game Ratings

Man, I don’t have kids (that I know of) and I’m dawwwwwing all over this PSA that the ESRB just put out. It’s a reminder that it can be hard to say no when your kid’s so excited for Ninja Attack!, or whatever they’re clutching, and you want him or her to be happy. But it’s important to read the ratings and use parental controls.

[embedded content]

This spot’s so cool, Vice President Biden retweeted it out like, 12 hours before anybody knew it existed.

The ESRB Brings You This Unbearably Cute Reminder About Game Ratings

Good on the veep; I’m sure the ESA and publishers are happy to have his stamp of approval, too. And yeah, check the ESRB Rating on every game. It helps parents and it helps kids. And, frankly, it helps those who make the games we enjoy, whether they’re rated E, T or M.

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Co-Op: Best Graphics Card For The Money, Nominations

Let’s just say that your hour has come again… to vote on the best gear with your fellow Kotakuites. Today’s topic: graphics cards, but not just any graphics card, and not the most powerful graphics card. We’re looking for the best GPU bang for your buck. With Battlefield 4 in hand and next-gen consoles around the corner, it’s a great time to bring your rig up to snuff, so jump in the comments section and give us your nomination.

  • Post #1: You guys nominate your favorites in the comments section.
  • Post #2: After counting the votes from Post #1, we take the top five choices and vote on them.
  • Post #3: We announce the winner.

And some rules to make sure your votes/nominations get counted, and for my sanity:

  • Start a new comment thread with a new nomination, please bold “nomination” and please check to see that no one has already nominated your choice.
  • Vote by commenting on the nomination. You must include “vote” in your vote comment, preferably in bold.
  • Votes without the word “vote” will not be counted. Image annotations, text annotations, and recommendations (starring) of someone else’s comment do not count as votes.

For After You’re Done Nominating

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The Escapists breathes new life into the prison break genre

Bored?  Wanna start a riot?

If you’ve been rearing to spring an escape from prison, Kickstarter may just have the game for you.

ChrisD and Mouldy Toof Studios, the creators of Spud’s Quest, a Metroidvania adventure game that was successfully funded last year, has begun work on his new game, The Escapists.  Drawing inspiration from The Shawshank Redemption, The Great Escape, and Escape from Alcatraz, this new game comes with a variety of features to help you bust out of your virtual jail cell.  Some early ideas are:

  • Schedules: To escape you’ll have to work around the strict prison schedule as best you can to avoid any unwanted attention from the guards.
  • Crafting: Weapons and tools can be crafted together using everyday things you find or steal around the prison. Just beware of cell shakedowns.
  • Reputation: The way you interact with fellow cons and guards affect how they treat you. Those on your side could help you out in a fight, overlook if they catch you doing anything unusual, or give you access to certain favors/jobs, and assistance.
  • Digging: Get hold of a shovel and you can start working on an escape tunnel. Of course you’ll need some lights and timber supports below ground if you plan to survive. Just make sure you make it back for the guard patrols- and that the hole is hidden!
  • Skills: Train your agility and strength in the gym, or spend your free periods in the library boosting your intellect. All such skills play a part in your escape as well as your survival inside the prison.
  • Combat: When it comes to crunch time, you might have to engage other inmates or guards in combat. If one of them finds your escape tunnel you will probably have to overpower, bind, and stash them in the hole you’ve been digging below your cell. If it’s a guard, taking his uniform might come in handy.
  • Gangs & Friends: Be careful who you pick fights with- some of the inmates might start plotting against you with their gang-mates and friends.

The game is set to finish its initial Kickstarter run in 34 days, so if you feel like contributing, rush over to the site quickly.

The Wolf Among Us Episode 1

the wolf among usI’m a sucker for most anything TellTale and was quick to pick up the first season of The Wolf Among Us. For some reason the TellTale store couldn’t quite get it together and release with everybody else. Although a bit delayed, The Wolf Among Us was definitely worth the wait.

I’ve never actually read any of the comic books that the game is based on but I do remember hearing about ‘Fable’s when shows like Grimm and Once Upon A Time were coming out, which were the result of failed efforts to adapt the comic into a TV series or something like that. If I was the guy(s) behind the comic I would be a little irked by that. Anyway, having played the first episode and having watched both shows it sure seems like Fables is basically a mix of both TV shows except a good deal darker and edgier. Or whatever word that implies tons more F-bombs and violence.

the wolf among us bigbyYou play as Bigby Wolf (Big B Wolf, BIG BAD WOLF, hard har, etc) who is the sheriff of Fabletown — a place somewhere in New York City where all of the exiled fairytale characters live. You got characters like Snow White, Mr. Toad, Ichabod Crane, Beauty, Beast, and so on. I won’t give anything away but the basic premise of the game is that you have to solve a murder that occurs and find out what’s really going on which I imagine will eventually wrap up with the final episode. The characters are really interesting and the whole setting and backstory are incredibly fascinating to the point where I’m tempted to go out and buy some of the comics. Supposedly the game IS canon but takes place before the events of the comics so you won’t really spoil one with the other and so on.

the wolf among us magic mirrorThe game plays almost exactly like The Walking Dead. TellTale has begun to move away from the classic adventure design and more towards an interactive story experience. Your inventory sits off to the side but you don’t seem to be able to manipulate it in any way. You can still find items along the way that might be of use to you later, like a matchbook or piece of evidence, but so far nothing is really needed to progress the story. Either way you’re getting to the end but what you collect and your choices determine what happens and how you treat people can come back to help or haunt you, especially later down the road in future episodes I imagine. I suppose this allows for a lot more replayability since you can make several different choice combinations along the way but it seems to come at the expense of any kind of puzzle element of which there are none to be seen so far. All of the games action sequences are handled in a quick-time-event fashion that requires the pressing of certain directions or click certain areas within a time limit. Some people loathe QTEs and I’m not necessarily a fan myself, but they don’t bother me enough to turn me off.

I’ve played through episode 1 a few times now and I’m already comfortable saying that it’s better than The Walking Dead, which never really hooked me quite this much. It may not be the kind of adventure game that I wish it were (I pretty much wanted Discworld Noir 2)  but it’s still a fantastic experience.

Here’s what’s going on Talk Among Yourselves, our reader-written blog: Rathorial offers high praise

Here’s what’s going on Talk Among Yourselves, our reader-written blog: Rathorial offers high praise to Red Faction Underground as a Last-Gen Hero, noting how it let the player controller the pace of the story. This outgoing generation’s greatest RPG? It’s Mass Effect 2, according to Cimeas. And 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors gets some Last-Gen Heroes love from Retrohunter.

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