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Saints Row IV Holiday DLC coming!

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why, Volition has deliciously vulgar Christmas packs, for you!

Volition announced they are launching a new Saints DLC aptly titled “How the Saints Save Christmas“, including two holiday themed activities.

- “How the Saints Save Christmas” DLC, Santa is stuck in a simulation and the Third Street Saints Boss receives help from his crew to create holiday spirit to save Santa.

- Volition’s Naughty or Nice List, found on the Saints website, help redeem the Volition developers from being naughty this year and pitch an idea to get them on the nice list. Great ideas can get filmed in a way only Volition can do.

- Saints Sing-Along Christmas Carol, send a video of yourself and or your friends singing the lyrics to “Saints Row Jingle Bells“. The winner will be featured in a Saints Row video message and have the possibility of winning a Saints Row IV guide, Razar DeathAdder Ergonomic Mouse, Limited Edition G3 Saints Row Unbreakable Sun Glasses or Gioteck EX-05 Headset. Submission deadline is December 5th, 2013.

[embedded content]

How the Saints Save Christmas” will drop December 11th, 2013 for $6.99. The Naughty and Nice list as well as the Saints Row Jingle Bells Christmas Carol are available now.

PS4: DualShock 4

dual shock 4

I haaaaaaated the DualShock 1, 2, and 3.   The controller was always so light, the grips too short, the analog sticks awkward to use, the triggers wonky, and the overall controller just was so uncomfortable.  The only redeeming quality was the D-Pad — actually the best on the market.

The DualShock 4 changes all of that.  The grips are much longer now making the controller easier to hold in my large hands.  The analog sticks are slightly less awkward, and are now slightly concave making it much easier to keep my thumbs in place.  I think the analog sticks are still positioned a little weird — less ergonomic than the 360 controller.  The D-Pad remains remarkable.

The triggers are way less wonky and curved for more comfort.  I’m thinking they removed the pressure sensitivity from the button in general, though.

Holding the controller feels better — there’s more heft to it.  This makes the integrated six-axis sensors way more fun to use.  Speaking of which, the six-axis functionality has worked quite well so far.

Featured right in the middle of the DualShock 4 is a touch-pad.  It can click in like a button, and feels nice to the touch, but surprisingly nothing we’ve done in the first few hours of play has used the touch-pad.  The DualShock 4 also has a share button to allow you to share and stream your gameplay quickly.

I can easily say the DualShock 4 is now my favorite console controller. The fact that it is PC compatible is icing on the cake. If my opinion changes in the coming days, especially with the launch of the Xbox One, I’ll  let you know.

The Best Black Friday Gaming Deals

The Best Black Friday Gaming DealsS

Welcome to the portion of our Black Friday coverage dedicated entirely to gaming. We’ll be diving deeper into Black Friday gaming discounts here than in our main Black Friday deal guide, but of course we encourage you check out both. We’ll be updating this constantly, and as always we encourage you to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss any time-sensitive deals.

Available Right Now

The rest of the PC deals and the next-gen game deals are also available now.

Upcoming Deals (Mostly)


Playstation 4 (available now)

$49 at Amazon:

Playstation 3

Playstation Vita


Xbox One (available now)

$49 at Amazon:

Xbox 360


Wii U


  • 3DSXL Red, Blue, Black ($150) | Target
  • 3DS Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Bundle ($150) | Toys R Us | Link forthcoming
  • 2DS ($99) | Walmart

PC (available now)

Digital games are Steam keys unless otherwise noted.


Skylanders and Disney Infinity

  • Toys R Us will have all versions of the Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Packs for $37.
  • Gamestop will have buy one, get 1 free Disney Infinity Characters.

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New trailer released for The Mandate

A new trailer has been released for The Mandate, fleshing out some of the game’s lore and featuring some pretty artwork as well.

[embedded content]

Described as a “sandbox sci-fi RPG” by developers Perihelion Interactive, The Mandate has managed to raise almost $500, 000 in funding though it’s Kickstarter campaign (which will end on December 2nd).

The game lets players command a large space-ship with a massive crew as they as they set out on various space-quests in a sci-fi universe resembling Tsarist Russia. The Mandate has so far been well received by critics, with several praising it’s unique gameplay style. Similar to the gameplay aboard Mass Effect‘s Normandy, The Mandate will emphasize gameplay aboard a large spaceship, and players’ interaction with its crew members which evolve as the game progresses. The developers also intend to make the game a co-op experience, allowing up to 6 players to work together.

The Mandate is set for release sometime in Q1 of 2015 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and will be available through Steam.

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PS4 Launch Day Coverage

PS4 Hardware

The Playstation 4 released today, and we have a lot of great coverage planned for you!  Throughout the day we’ll be publishing posts with our initial impressions of the hardware, the games, and our entire first-day-experience with the PS4.  Be sure to check back throughout the day, and please feel free to ask questions.

PS4 Hardware Setup

Gone are the days of waiting in long lines at midnight.  Our PS4 was plugged in and ready to go by 9:00 am thanks to the ease of pre-ordering and stores opening early.  We picked up an extra controller as well.

Opening the box, the PS4 is smaller than we expected.  It lays flat with a nice, sleek low profile.  The power button and eject button are kind of hard to see on the front, but integrated well into the design.

The PS4 came with a very simple power cord, HDMI cable, and one controller.  The power cord is very, very simple and lacks the bulky power brick thing you’ll see on other consoles.

Once plugged in, it booted right up and the simple setup process was completed without a hitch.  Our PS4 connected to our network and the internet flawlessly.  There was a ~360 mb patch, but that was blazing fast. Start to finish the whole process took less than 20 minutes.


The Dashboard is better than the Cross Media Bar, though still a variation of it.  It’s fast, gets the job done, but it’s really nothing exciting.  Compared to the PS Vita, the PS4 dashboard (at least out of the box) is very boring.  We’re trying to figure out how we can customize, if at all, to make it look more fun and gaming themed.

While still in the game, calling up the dashboard is easy, but has been sluggish for us while it loads.  Holding down the PS button allows you to close open apps.  Overall, if they can speed it up and remove the lag/sluggish feeling it’ll be perfect.

PlayStation Network / Store

The store is exactly the same as the store on the PS3.  Downloading titles is very easy.  We found a few games to download for free like DC Universe Online (more to come on this!).  What’s really neat is that they download simultaneously.  That’s a nice change from the Xbox 360 being a ‘one at a time’ process.

There are already two games available for PlayStation Plus members: Resogun and Contrast.  We’re pretty sure you need PS+ to play games online.

Synching the PS Vita with the PS4

Synching the Vita and PS4 was extremely easy.  Just turn it on, enter the code, and the Vita now controls the PS4.  Playing around for a few minutes, the PS4 is now a Wii U.  There’s no delay or latency between the two devices.

We’re booting up some games!  More to come soon.

Nailing the perfect landing in MMO flight game War Thunder?

Nailing the perfect landing in MMO flight game War Thunder? Not a problem! World War II fighters worked just like skateboards anyway and anyone could do a few flips before landing.

Dayshot is an image-based feature, that runs every morning, showcasing some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find. Send us suggestions if you’ve got them.

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Iron Brigade and World of Keflings join Games for Gold this November

This month Xbox Live Gold members will have access to two new titles as part of the Game for Gold promotion that Xbox has been running these past few months. Just earlier, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb announced that A World of Keflings and Iron Brigade will be free to members this month.

A World of Keflings is available from now until Nov. 15 for Gold members while Iron Brigade will be available Nov. 16 until the end of the month.

As usual, if you are a Xbox Live Gold subscriber and you download any game that is under the Games for Gold promotion, it is yours to keep forever even if your subscription runs out. If you delete your game, however, then you must re-download the title while it is still under the Games for Gold promotion otherwise that game is gone forever.

Toys R Us: Our Video Game Store

Toys R Us CouponAfter going back to Toys R Us for the 4th time in two weeks, I realized that I haven’t gone to a big box or even small brick and mortar store this much in… maybe forever.

Someone at TRU corporate is making all the right choices.  As a gamer who buys a lot — A LOT — of games, the store with top of mind awareness for me is now Toys R Us.  If you asked me five years ago, I may have laughed and even questioned if I would ever go back to a Toys R Us.  In fact, I seem to remember them having financial problems.

Now, I check their ads every week.  That’s one of their biggest selling points: They provide the deals.  Tonight we found the deal on the right, printed the coupon, and sped over because we had a $15 gift card already from buying Lego Marvel there two days ago. Seems like there’s always a way to save 40%, get $X off, or buy 1 get 1 free.

20 years ago we went to Toys R Us to buy action figures.  Now we’re going for our video games.  The fact that they are managing to follow us throughout our lives and continue to be our store is really quite neat.

Last but not least, our TRU has awesome employees in the video game department.  Usually I can’t stand the kids they have working these stores (Gamestop, anyone?), but the guys working in our TRU are knowledgeable, helpful, and consistent.  It’s almost like I have ‘a guy’ I go to now because it’s the same employee every time I go in.

You’re probably thinking Toys R Us is paying me for the praise (I wish), but in reality I’m just grateful that there’s a store making me feel like I come first.

Maybe I’m in a sentimental mood tonight, but this crap matters to me.  In a day and age where customer service has gone the way of the dodo and so many stores put the customer dead last, I feel the need to say something nice when it’s deserved.

In case anyone from corporate wants to reward these guys, it’s store #6622.