Star Citizen stings wannabe spacefarers with another spaceship commercial

Roberts Space Industries have returned once again with another blast from far into the future. 2931 years into the future, to be exact.

[embedded content]

This time, they’ve brought us a commercial for the “Hornet F7C” Combat Spaceship manufactured by Anvil Aerospace.

Star Citizen is looking like the sandbox space-faring game that sci-fi enthusiasts have really been waiting for ever since the release of classic titles like Freelancer and legendary games in the Elite series. There’s no doubt that fans will be eagerly awaiting the game’s release sometime in Q4 of 2014, especially with the release of the less ambitious X: Rebirth just around the corner. Development on David Braben’s Elite Dangerous , however, is sure to keep the folks at Roberts Space Industries on their toes.

Although the game’s release is still quite far away, fans who have purchased one of the game’s many pre-order “packages” and are really itching for the Star Citizen experience right now can download the Hangar Module app immediately, which lets them walk around some of the game’s ships.

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