Steam Autumn Sale starts today!

Today is the first day of the Steam Autumn Sale of 2013. With that we will begin coverage of the sales that happen every few hours with Flash and Community Deals as well as the Daily Deals that change at 12pm CST.

Before buying any of these items or items that aren’t listed here on this post, be sure to read our tips for buying games during a Steam Sale. Also please note that all these prices are in US dollars and prices may vary for your region.

Here are the first set of deals alongside if you should buy or pass on them:

Sleeping Dogs @ 80% off / 4.99 – This game was created by Square Enix just over a year ago. While the game didn’t receive the best reviews it does have quite a bit of content. The $4.99 price tag only covers the base game and in order to get all the DLC with it, you’ll have to drop another $11~. This game goes on sale quite often but if you want an open world game action game that has AAA status, this is something worthwhile.

Left 4 Dead 2 @ 75% off / $4.99 – This game almost always on sale about once a month and never really drops below this price. If you have never played Left 4 Dead and are interested in it, I recommend getting both for $7.49 as it’s not a terrible deal especially when combined with Steam Workshop. If you have played it or don’t want to play a repetitive zombie game, then pass on this one.

The Walking Dead Season 1 @ 75% off / $6.24 – If you have never played it and you want a hell of a story that truly changes based on the actions you make, get this! If you want a zombie game with more action, look at the game above. This game has gone on sale for the same price before but hasn’t been on sale as often as other games series.

Terraria @ 75% off / $2.49 – It’s like Minecraft meets Metroid but better. This game was already packed with tons of content to enjoy on your own or with friends, but it just got a huge update making this possible the best deal of the day. This game does go on sale at this price during each Steam Sale but it’s still a great buy.

Prison Architect @ 50% off / $14.99 – This game is probably one of the most popular Early Access titles on Steam at this point and time. A game where you build and manage your own prison has plenty of seriously fun moments and the game is constantly updating. This is the cheapest I have seen the game available and is a great steal.

Rogue Legacy @ 66% off / $5.09 – This game is ruthless and will probably make you angry multiple times over. While the game doesn’t play all too well with keyboard and mouse, it needs a controller to be properly enjoyed. This is the cheapest we have seen the game aside from when Humble Bundle launched their store and gave this game a proper sale. Probably will be seeing this game for sale at this price many times in the future but it’s one hell of a game. If you want a game that can be enjoyed in quick spurts or for hours on end, pick this one up.

Antichamber @ 75% / $4.99 – This game will melt your mind and toss it money at it when it’s done with you like a cheap Las Vegas escort. This is the cheapest this game has been priced at, once again, with the exception of the Humble Bundle store opening. This game is amazing and is a game you can play alone or let your friends watch and join in the mind-meltingness.

TESV: Skyrim @ 75% off / $7.49 – Really? Do I need to tell you about this game? If you don’t have it and you want an open-world RPG with quite possibly too many options of things to do. Get it. What is a better thing to note about this game’s sale is that the DLC for it is 50% off making Dragonborn and Dawnguard only $9.99 and Hearthfire $2.49. The Legendary Edition is only $20.39 if you wanna bundle everything together which is your best bet.

Outlast @ 66% off / $6.79 – This game by Red Barrels is possible one of the best new survival horror games out there to date. It even gave the new Amensia game a run for it’s money. (See what I did there?) Anyways, this game is very good and this is the lowest price the game has ever been priced at making it my Deal of the Day.

Flash Sales (Changing Every 8 Hours)

HammerWatch @ 66% off / $3.39 – I have never played this game but judging from the local co-op, controller support, it’s seemingly beautiful pixel art hack-and-slash enviornment and the very pretty Level Editor it brings to the table, it’s something I think I would recommend.

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition @ 75% off / $7.49 – This game has been out for quite some time and has been at better prices on Amazon and other websites. Most people already have this game especially if you bought it through the Humble Bundle that launched just a few months ago. This game is extremely beautiful and offers quite a bit of content. Unless you are just dying to get your hands on this game, I would pass on it.

Castle Story @ 33% off / $13.39 – This is possibly the weakest deal we have had so far today. The game has been reported to suffer from many bugs although it is a Steam Early Access release and it is not complete. Your money can be spent better on other games.

Space Hulk @ 66% off / $10.19 – Made after the popular Space Hulk tabletop game, this game is held highly among PC gamers who are fans of the Warhammer 40K setup. While it’s not 75% off like I would have hoped the game is still pretty well discounted considering it released less than six months ago. I personally have never played this game but it seems great if you are a Warhammer 40K fan and not so great if you aren’t a fan.

Well everyone, that sums up the start of the Steam Autumn Sale of 2013. I will be back at 8pm CST to give you all info on the next Flash Sales that show up. Until then, go spend some money on those great deals!

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