​Here’s How PlayStation Consoles Have Said Hello Over the Years

​Here's How PlayStation Consoles Have Said Hello Over the Years

First, it sounded like the yawn of a giant supercomputer as it stretched itself awake. Then, like a genie coming out of a lamp. They’re all burned into our memories. What’s been your favorite PlayStation start-up screen?

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This compilation of PlayStation boot sequences celebrates the European launch of the PS4. Yeah, it’s a few days old; we missed it eating all that turkey. Watching it is like taking a trip down the lifetime of several generations of gaming. (These sounds can make their own music after all.) The PS3 start-up screen is a favorite of mine because it sounds like an orchestra warming up before an amazing performance. That was probably intentional and you could theorize that each screen probably says something about how Sony Computer Entertainment saw itself at the time. Coming after the bravado of the PS3 screen, the PS4 greeting seems almost… humble? “Welcome back to PlayStation…” because we know you’ve been here before, but didn’t necessarily have to come back.

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