What does it mean to be Next-gen?

console generation triangle counts

This image made the rounds a while back, but looking at it again today got me thinking.  The PS4′s release marks another improvement to console gaming visuals, but for the most part none of the games are truly revolutionary.  Yeah, there are lots of fun games and the games do look good — but the advancement in visuals isn’t astonishing enough to say we are really living in the ‘next generation.’

Graev mentioned to me this evening how many of the consoles still only allow 14-18 players in multiplayer matches, and almost all do not allow cross-platform play.  I started thinking about where the next generation of consoles will go when the visual improvements aren’t big enough to hype those as the selling points, and the cost/utility curve finally catches up.  60+ FPS and a bazillion triangles can only go so far, right?

I want to see the next generation focus on the online experience.  Revolutionize the way we game together.  Expand on what it means for a game to be multiplayer.  Remove the barriers keeping us from becoming one giant gaming community.  Graphics and gameplay will naturally improve.

Both Graev and I feel the console community at large is confused about what it means to be always online.  Despite the retraction from most of the big hardware devs, many of these games ARE heavily influenced by online components.  So many of them have their own account systems now with tons of additional features, and whether you realize it or not if you have your console connected to the internet, your games are utilizing it.

I’ve joked prophesied about every franchise sliding toward being MMO.  I think it’s going to continue in that direction.  Seriously, just take a look at what Bungie is doing.  I think five years from now we’ll all be looking at an impending next-gen of 100% online consoles and games.

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