The MMO Horizon

You may have noticed a lack of MMO posts here lately.  Let’s fix that!  There’s a huge wave of MMOs on the horizon, and I’m looking forward to… well, just about all of them.

EverQuest Next and Landmark

I’m such a fanboy.  I love EverQuest.  I love Norrath.  And although this won’t make me the most popular kid on the block, I really do like SOE.  I’m simply anxious to see how all of their ideas meld together to form some kind of new sandbox.

Landmark still confuses me.  Whatever it ends up being, I’ll just consider myself lucky that two EQs are coming and one will last me until the other comes out.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Here’s another one of those “what the heck is this going to be” games.  MMO?  Single-player instanced story experience?  Multiplayer meets MMO?  In the end, I have to shelve a lot of my angst that I feel over missed opportunities and bad design and just enjoy a game.  Two of the biggest factors I care about:

  • An experience true to the Elder Scrolls franchise
  • Adventures I can play through with Graev and my friends

Are those present?  Okay, I’m good.  I’ll enjoy building a characters and exploring Tamriel.  I’m not interested in the PvP at all anymore.


I think WildStar will be interesting to watch.  Clearly the core gameplay is mega-themepark. That’s not a negative, except for the fact that I am extremely turned off by the huge emphasis placed on large end-game raids.  If there’s a way to play WildStar and never, ever, participate in that nonsense then count me in.

What I really do think looks fun are all of the housing features and base battles.  The housing alone would be a reason for me to get WildStar, and being bale to jump in and build a base with guildies then go head to head and see how our base stacks up to another guild seems like it could be a great bit of fun.

Camelot Unchained

CU is so far away that it might not belong on the horizon — I think I need a telescope just to see it.  It’s still on my radar though, and I’m just waiting for Mark Jacobs to throw us a bone.  Right now we’re seeing a lot of talk about race stories and animations.  They’re all intriguing, but I need mechanics to really begin theorycrafting.

I think that sums up my MMO radar.  Did I miss anything?

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